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Garage Door Opener G565

Garage door opener G565 is advance model, LED light, Switch power, Aluminium Chain rail, Max lifting force is 1000N.


This opener is updated & improved with advanced technique based on the traditional one, with more than 10 years experience of OEM&ODM assures products are disyinctive. Each link of production was under the German expert?s instruction and approval, such as appearance design, circuit board design, motor design and etc, The independent interface is one of the easy controlled computer operators, above 40,000 times for opining and closing, waiting power is less than 2.8W, highly force with lower noise, 433.92MHZ or 315MHZ rolling code for remote control system are available, widely temperature range, Circuit board with sofy start and soft stop function,  which can be extent the long-life of opener and mechanism, travel limit and automatic reverse are set to self-adjust, The standard function also includes photo beam, automatic courtesy light, auto close and antenna, backup battery, It is the best one with more functions at current in opener field.